Post Surgery Care

Many of our clients use our service while recuperating from a surgical procedure.  The client might need help getting around the house, driving, bathing, getting dressed, or with everyday activities while they are healing.  We can drive them to their PT or OT appointments and also help them at home with their prescribed exercises. Frequently we may be needed on a short term basis until our client is back on his or her feet.  By accepting assistance during this crucial time, our clients gained back their independence as quickly as possible!   Here are just a few of the types of situations we have assisted in:

  • Knee surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Hip surgery
  • Carpal tunnel/hand/wrist surgery
  • Mastectomy
  • Open Heart surgery
  • Foot or Bunion surgery


If you know you will be having surgery, give us a call to set up an Assessment at no charge.  We can make sure you have met your caregiver and she or he is ready to start when the time comes!  Your caregiver can be waiting at your house when you get home, or, if needed, you can be picked up from the hospital and driven home.  Knowing you have established quality care in advance will help ease some of the stress or anxiety about your procedure.

Did You know…?

We are especially popular with plastic surgery clients!  The first 24-48 hours the caregiver can assist with keeping ice on the area, making sure pain medication is taken, and offer personal assistance.  We can also go to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc. so the client does not have to be seen until she (or he!) is healed!