St. Louis In Home Care ~ Heavenly Helpers Senior Home Care

Heavenly Helpers is much more than simply in home care. We are…

  • A non-medical St. Louis home care service, focused on providing professional in home care and facility care.
  • A provider of high-quality assistance with hospice care, Alzheimer’s help, respite care, and more.
  • A professional agency with an excellent reputation that offers free assessments.

The type of companionship offered is the key to the success of any in home care agency, and this is where Heavenly Helpers shines! From our many years of delivering high-quality, customized St. Louis in home care services, we know that a truly nurturing companionship stems from caregivers who are themselves outstanding individuals and who are concerned at all times with the welfare and emotions of our clients.

Our employees are matched to clients in order to truly become “Heavenly Helpers.” Our care is personalized and proactive. Examples might include the following:

…accompanying the client to a doctor’s appointment and then lunch
…assisting with personal grooming like painting the client’s nails
…helping the client with prescribed physical therapy exercises,
…playing cards with the client at a table, or
…trying to fit the last few pieces of a 1000-piece puzzle they have been working on for months!
…sitting quietly, holding onto a hand or reading aloud a favorite book or magazine.

Did you know we also serve clients in assisted living facilities and even nursing homes? Our caregiver can come to the facility to read or walk with your loved one. Even something as simple as helping them eat their lunch is appreciated by families. If you have a loved one in a facility, you understand that the workers there simply don’t always have the time to provide the level of attention that families want. Families can count on Heavenly Helpers to be their loved one’s “advocate” at the facility. We can be your “eyes and ears” when you cannot be there.

While we certainly care for the elderly, there are a multitude of situations in which we can help: Assistance after surgery; conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, isolation or lonliness;  Alzheimer’s help…the list is long and varied. There are no “requirements” to meet. If you need help, whatever the reason, we are ready to assist! 

Whether your loved one has a serious illness such as breast cancer or if they simply need a few weeks to recover from a knee or hip replacement, we can completely customize care according to your needs. And the client is free to suspend services at any time.

We can assist with hospice care for terminally ill patients, as well as provide respite care for the families who care for them. We realize end of life care is very stressful and can take a toll on your loved ones. Families often turn to us when then need a little assistance from time to time.

In home care can mean many things. That is precisely why our Heavenly Helpers caregivers love what they do. Every client is a new challenge with unique opportunities for professional interaction in the delivery of high-quality St. Louis elderly care.

To find out more about our St. Louis home care services or to get a free assessment for your loved ones situation, please call our office today at 314-963-9913 or email us at